Tweet Seats

We see you.  You live for social media.  You’ve verbally responded to a friend “Retweet” to show approval.  You cry alone in the dark when that post you thought was so clever doesn’t get a like, share, retweet, or fav. You dream of being Twitter famous and just know you will be one day  soon.

Well, we know that those 2 hours sitting in a theater are just agonizing.  You start to sweat. Your palm starts to feel uncomfortably empty.  You feel phantom vibrations from non-existent notifications.  So we’ve decided to help you out AND GIVE YOU A DISCOUNT!

Get tickets in the TWEET SEATS and sit in the tweeting section of the show!  That’s right, a whole 2 hours at the theater and you are encouraged to have out your phone.  All you have to do it post/tweet/instagram/burple about the show using #RBT and tag us @RosebarnTheatre!

(Burple isn’t a thing.  But you freaked out a little and went to your app store to find out what you were missing.  We laughed at you while you did.)

Check back for shows that offer Tweet Seats!

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